Small Engine Service & Sale

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Small Engine Service & Sale

Small Engine Equipment For Sale

Before you go to your neighborhood Lowes, Home Depot or search on Craigslist for your equipment, consider our selection of quaility, rebuild used items. Guaranteed.

Mowing Equipment for Sale

TimeCutter For Sale Toro TimeCutter

TimeCutter SS4216 42 in. 452 cc Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower.

Mower Riding Mowers

We have riding mowers of all types come in and out of here. Come in, or call, to see the latest used riding mowers we have available. You will be happy with the price savings

Jeff's Small Engine Repair is widely known for its repair and servicing, but did you know that we recondition and sell some fantastic eqipment as well? Well, we do.. and at some very good savings.

There are a couple benefits from purchasing used equipment from Jeff's

1)Every piece of equipment sold has been scoured over to make sure it is in perfect opperating condition. Worn parts are replaced and units cleaned up.

2) Equipment sold by us are all guaranteed to opperated as it should, or it will be quickly repaired at no cost to you.

3) Then, theres the obvious benefit of knowing that you are supporting a local business and one that cares about you and the community ;-) We call this area home which is why we live here, and why we enjoy servicing folks in this area!

Thank you everyone for making Jeff's Small Engine Repair as popular as it has become. We couldn't have done it without you.

Push Mower Push Mowers

We always have quite a few quality push mowers of all brands and styles. Call or come in to see the latest avaiablle. All have been gone over by use and are guaranteed to perform flawlessly.

Weedwackers & Blowers

Weedwackers & Blowers

Weedwackers and Blowers can be very expensive, but not if you can find some good, reconditioned units. We have a good selelction to offer you; just come in and see whats available.




Edgers are an essentional part of a well manicured lawn, but they are not always affordable; until now. Buy used, and enjoy the savings. Call for availability.



This is an important item for every household to have, although cost is sometimes prohibitive. We have quality used units avaialable most of the time, so your best bet is to call and see whats in.

snow blower


Winter is still a ways away, but what better time to make sure you have a quaility blower in your garage; just waiting. Pricing is great and rest assured the quality will be as well. Call and see!





... see store for more equipment!

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